St Stephen Lodge’s History

St Stephen Lodge can trace its history back to 1864 when it was consecrated as Hungary’s first Budapest Lodge.

There are many comparisons to its modern successor in so far as it operated in a language other than Hungarian (German) and its membership was drawn from a largely expatriate community. Like it’s modern day incarnation, it also met on Saturdays and was a pioneer in areas such as Charity for children in need of medical assistance.

St Stephen Lodge as it exists today was reborn in 1999 and is warranted by the Symbolic Grand Lodge of Hungary to work in the English language. It uses a form of old Emulation Ritual and draws it’s membership from both the Hungarian and expatriate community in Budapest – although it also boasts a large international membership.

It’s members have included a Past Grand Master of the SGLH , Deputy Grand Master and has provided Grand Secretaries, Grand Registrar’s, Grand Treasurer, Grand Tyler as well as other distinguished members of the Board of General Purposes.

It has grown from it’s 7 Founding fathers to a vibrant Lodge of more than 50 members and can boast a registered Charitable Foundation which is directed at the welfare of Children through it’s belief in HOPE (Health, Opportunity, Protection and Education).

It also sponsors one of the Hungarian Royal Arch Chapters – Cockfosters, a founding Chapter of the Symbolic Grand Chapter of Hungary